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Toto Temple Deluxe [PC Games] Torrent Download

Toto Temple Deluxe [PC Games] Torrent Download

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    Toto Temple Deluxe

    Toto Temple Deluxe is a fast-paced, local-multiplayer king-of-the-hill style game in which players must steal an egg-laying goat from their friends and try to keep it on their own head for as long as possible. You know, normal stuff.

    Dashing Gameplay
    Infinitely dash in any direction to swiftly move around and powerfully headbutt the goat carrier to steal its four-legged booty. Escape your jealous opponents and protect the goat by blocking their attacks with a well-timed shield pop! You’ll “get their goat”, guaranteed.

    Classic Mode
    Prove you’re the ultimate shepherd in Classic mode: Gather 3k points first by holding on to the goat, collecting coins hatched from goat eggs (yeah… don’t ask) and harnessing the power of powerful power-ups! Play as teams or in free-for-all.

    Bomb Mode
    Blast everyone’s face off in Bomb mode: Be the first to grab the explosive goat (we know, stop interrupting us) and keep it long enough for it to detonate near your soon-to-be-dead rivals. Lose the goat and the timer resets! Play as teams or in free-for-all.

    Each temple offers a unique, exploitable mechanic for you to discover. Use them wisely and outsmart your opponents like they don’t even… what?… how did you..?

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    Toto Temple Deluxe pc games Toto Temple Deluxe pc games

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    OS: Windows XP
    Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: 256MB
    Hard Drive: 250 MB available space

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  • Toto Temple Deluxe
    Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
    Developer: Juicy Beast
    Publisher: Juicy Beast
    Release Date: 29 Sep, 2015
    Language:English , French
    SİZE:179 MB




    – Extract Zip
    – Run “SmartSteamLoader.exe”
    – Play!

Toto Temple Deluxe [PC Games] Torrent Download

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