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Animamundi Dark Alchemist [PC] Torrent Download

Animamundi Dark Alchemist [PC] Torrent Download

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    Hirameki International Animamundi Dark Alchemist

    “Animamundi” means I shall give thee all kinds of dark ecstasy…

    From an up-and-coming team of interactive novel creators comes Anima Mundi, a gothic horror game alive with decadence and sensuality. The story unfolds in the fictional country of Hardland, a fantastical version of medieval Eastern Europe, home to vampires, alchemists, homunculi, and the Devil Mephistopheles.


    Count Georik Zaberisk has achieved fame and fortune as personal physician to the King of Hartland, but the poor health of his sister Lillith – who has been frail since birth – forces him to resign early, and he resigns himself to spending his life as a local aristocrat.

    But one day, when Georgik is away from his manor, Lillith is accused of witchcraft by an angry mob of villagers. They assault her, and chopping off her head and burning her body. Georik eventually manages to retrieve her head, and to his surprise, discovers that it is still alive.

    Desperate to make his sister whole again, Georik transfers her head from the body of one young woman to the next, but the transplant is rejected each time. His days are spent mired in frustration and worry.

    Then, one day, Georgik learns about homunculi, artificial humans that can supposedly be created through alchemy. However, the kingdom of Hartland embraced a technological civilization and modernized centuries ago, and in doing so outlawed the dark arts. But to save his sister, Georik has no choice but to move deeper and deeper into the forbidden world of alchemy…

  • screenshoots

    Hirameki International Animamundi Dark Alchemist 1 Hirameki International Animamundi Dark Alchemist 2 Hirameki International Animamundi Dark Alchemist 3

  • sistem

    500MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
    128MB Of RAM
    8 speed CD drive
    1GB of free HDD space
    32Mb video card

  • Animamundi Dark Alchemist Game Play

  • Hirameki International Animamundi Dark Alchemist
    Original title: アニマムンディ ~終わりなき闇の舞踏~
    Year: Japan 2005-01-28, English Version 2006-05-31
    Length: Long (30 – 50 hours)
    Developer: Karin Entertainment
    Publishers: Hirameki International
    Voice: Japanese
    Language: English
    SİZE:560 MB





    1. Mount Animamundi.iso with DAEMON Tools
    2. Install the game.
    3. In folder “AnimaMundi Patch E1.10” is the fixing for “A Quiet Corrosion” bug. Replace the “ev_s” folder in the main game directory(C:\Program Files\Karin_HIRAMEKI\animamundi\Animamundi-Dark_alchemist or right click on desktop shortcut – properties – Open File Location) with the one provided, replace “animaUS_18” executable with “animaUS_19”. If the patching was successful, you should see E1.10 written in the corner upon launching the game.
    4. In folder “Outbreak of War fix” is a fix for “Outbreak of War” text bug. Put “scriptdata.swf” into “sys” folder within the main game directory.
    5. Warning!!! Do the next steps only if you want to play the game with the uncut scenes with more violence. Open folder “Animamundi Censorfree” and:
    6. Replace your “ev” folder with the one provided.
    7. Copy the bg files in the “bg fixes” folder into the “bg” folder of your game.
    8. Copy the Achr_60.swf file into the “chr” file of your game.
    9. If you still have problems, read the readme.txt files.

Animamundi Dark Alchemist [PC] Torrent Download

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