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Hero Generations v1.16 [PC] Full Download

Hero Generations v1.16 [PC] Full Download

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    Hero Generations v1.16

    An innovative roguelike/4X strategy game about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Praised as “the offspring of Sid Meier’s Civilization, Jason Rohrer’s Passage, and The Legend of Zelda.”

    In Hero Generations, each step you take is an entire year of your hero’s life. You explore a procedurally generated world in search of fame and a mate to have a child with before you die. After your life ends, you take control of your child in the world you left behind, in the hope of continuing your family legacy. Each turn becomes a meaningful life decision: you can focus on building and crafting the world around you, or adventuring to far off lands to make a bigger name for yourself.


    Limited Lifespan and Permadeath: Each turn your hero takes = 1 year of their life.
    Generations, Mating, and Having Children: find a mate, start a family, have a child. Then take control of that child in that same world!
    6 Strategic Paths and Meaningful Choices: grow in Strength, Exploration, Love, Wealth, Fame, and Wisdom.
    City Crafting System: build great towns and morph their cultures.
    Expansive Overworld: explore a 3×3 connected grid of world, each with their own unique tileset (Volcano, Desert, Island, to name a few)
    Meaning: a surprising and thought-provoking experience, that explores themes of death, legacy, family, love, and more.
    Gorgeous hand drawn art style

    v1.16 Update is Live! (Bug fixes, in-game menu)


    I’ve just pushed the 2nd update to Hero Generations (v1.16) which addresses a number of bug fixes and community requested features. Here’s the full list, be sure to restart steam and grab the update!

    Fixed soft crash when moving onto a cleared Spirit Statue node.
    Fixed crash during loading when returning to a world where you had already killed the boss. Existing broken games stuck here should now work again.
    Player life icon now only turns red and throbs when the player lifespan is 10 or less.
    Trait Books now properly pick a random trait (fixed bug where it was always the “haggler” trait)
    Changed hover description text of Monster Lairs once cleared so fast-travel behavior is more discover-able.
    Hitting the ESC key on the main game board will bring up a exit to menu dialogue, which takes you to the main menu. Allows for settings adjustment.
    You can now exit the game from within the game UI using the new main menu exit button (upper left corner)
    Temples now cost 1000g and spawn life potions every 16 years (up from 15).
    The hover info UI for world objects now dynamically changes position to avoid overlaps with objects on the bottom of the game board.
    Shortened description text of some legendary items.
    Increased text size on main message box for OUYA version.
    Other minor fixes, tweaks, and under-the-hood code cleanup.

    Next week roadmap:
    -fixing annoyances with dropping/picking up multiple items in the same space.
    -Clearer Trait Choice UI when your trait slots are full.
    -General performance improvements
    -More polish to “white space” areas on larger resolutions.
    -OUYA build improvements
    -Fullscreen investigation (estimate of work involved)
    -New gameplay items and content.

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    OS: Windows XP or later
    Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

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  • Hero Generations v1.16
    Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
    Developer: Heart Shaped Games LLC
    Publisher: Heart Shaped Games LLC
    Release Date: 10 Apr, 2015
    SİZE:57 MB

    DOWNLOAD(Mega Link)



Hero Generations v1.16 [PC] Full Download

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