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Savage Lands v0.4.0 [PC] Torrent Download

Savage Lands v0.4.0 [PC] Torrent Download

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    Savage Lands v0.4.0

    A New Land, A New Life
    Savage Lands is a gritty, brutal, first-person open-world fantasy survival game in which players have only one goal: Stay Alive. Explore a world where days and nights are spent slaughtering vicious creatures, gathering scarce resources, building shelter and crafting powerful weapons needed to survive. Every decision counts, because one mistake can lead to an unfortunate encounter with deaths cold embrace.


    • PVP Added!
    • Game Hosts can choose to set their servers to Friendly (Co-op) or Hostile (PvP)
    • Player Sprint speed increased by 10%

    Art, Visual FX and UI:
    • Reduced ambient volume on the Pike of Resurrection

    • Lower quality ore can be smelted Into higher quality ore
    • Pine Strong Box
    • Slots increased to 30
    • Medium Quality metal ore requirement changed to Low Quality ore
    • Sinew material requirements changed to strong sinew
    • Charcoal added to game
    • Individual arrows can now be crafted.
    • Flesh Wrapped Bag now uses correct icons
    • Decayed flesh drop rates on skeletons have been reduced
    • Cloth Shreds
    • Drop rates on skeletons and in villages has been reduced
    • Sundered Cotton can now be collected from plants in the world
    • Cloth shreds can now be made from Sundered Cotton
    • Reduce the amount of hits required to mine ore from larger rocks
    • Coal now drops in stacks of 3
    • New Buildable Items Added
    • Banner of Conquest
    • Wooden Crucifix
    • Wooden Cage
    • Weapon Rack

    • Enemy creature spawners have been rebalanced in the areas of Argo.

    • Start locations redesigned (now closer to each other)
    • More camps added to the world
    • Three giant rock pillars have been added to the west end and east end of the start locations. These signify players are leaving the borders of relative safety and heading out into more Savage lands
    • Trees now catch on fire and burn
    • Burned trees have will now drop charcoal

    • Torches will now decay when dropped on the ground
    • Armor and weapons now have piercing values
    • Wolfsbane coal material requirement reduced
    • Reckless Edge material requirement reduced
    • Blackened Ebon Steel Sword
    • Blackened Steel Sword renamed to Blackened Ebon Steel Sword
    • Blackened Ebon Steel Sword set to rare
    • Blackened Ebon Steel Sword damage increased from 24 to 32
    • Blackened Ebon Steel Sword recipe material requirement rebalanced to compensate for changes to rarity
    • Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver
    • Savage Steel Cleaver renamed to Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver
    • Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver damage increased from 36 to 38
    • Savage Ebon Steel Cleaver durability increased from 350 to 360

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    OS: Windows 7 SP1
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce GTX 460, Intel HD 4000 or ATI Radeon HD6870
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    Sound Card: DirectX®-compatible

  • Savage Lands Game Play

  • Savage Lands v0.4.0
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
    Developer: Signal Studios , DigitalDNA Games LLC
    Publisher: Signal Studios
    Release Date: 5 Mar, 2015
    SİZE:669 MB



    Open file.
    Choose install location.
    Install. (The installer closes by itself.)
    Use shortcut on desktop to play

    Do not forget to add an exception to your antivirus (if required)
    Block all game executables in your firewall

Savage Lands v0.4.0 [PC] Torrent Download

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