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Chaos Ride [PC] FULL Torrent Download (İSO)

Chaos Ride [PC] FULL Torrent Download (İSO)

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    Chaos Ride 

    Chaos Ride is a futuristic arcade racing game, which throws out a lot of the
    common conventions of the genre, while creating some new ones.
    In the near future, motor racing has evolved into the insanely-fast and
    comically-dangerous sport of Chaos Riding. Racers pilot their glowing hover-
    bikes through custom-built, tubular, magnetic tunnels. The nature of these
    tunnels allow racers to gain speed and build momentum by angling their
    vehicles at optimum trajectories as they race.
    As with any other racing game, it\’s all about finding the best racing lines
    to shave seconds from your lap times – only in Chaos Ride, this happens at
    jet-engine velocities while things explode around you. Imagine piloting a
    rocket-powered bobsled, while avoiding and competing against nine other
    rocket-powered bobsleds, at a thousand miles per hour, and you have a rough
    idea of the core gameplay experience!
    It also optionally supports Oculus Rift.
    Based on the series of mobile titles of the same name, the game is entirely
    about launching your vehicle around the tracks at insane speeds. Since you
    are driving in a tunnel, you don\’t need to worry about cornering or
    drifting. You only need to build speed, avoid crashing, and hang on for dear
    – Extremely fast gameplay, with speeds of up to 1000mph.
    – Eighteen tracks (nine tracks with forward and reverse variations).
    – Five game modes: Race, Marathon, Eliminator, Time Trial, and Survival. 90
    events in total.
    – Fifteen time/score-attack challenges per track. 270 unique elements of
    gameplay in total.
    – Vehicle customisation. Tune various attributes of your vehicle to deliver
    the best speeds for each track.
    – Oculus Rift support (DK2).
    – Split-screen multiplayer, with support for up to four human players.
    – A progression system that includes an increasing difficulty curve, which
    is affected by actions in both the single player and the multiplayer

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Chaos Ride [PC] FULL Torrent Download (İSO)

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