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Borderlands The Pre Sequel Update v1.0.2 [DLC] [PC] TORRENT

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Update v1.0.2 [DLC] [PC] TORRENT

  •    1.0.2 Patch Notes


    * Adds support for upcoming downloadable content.

    * Sound effects for the Boganella weapon will no longer overlap.

    * Jack no longer stops moving in front of the vending machine during the “Lost Legion Invasion” mission.

    * The “I Can Do This Alone” challenge will now properly update.

    * Players will no longer spawn in areas that prevent them from advancing the story.

    * Fixed an issue where Russian and Japanese users failed to join each other’s game.

    * Fixed an issue where the Lost Legion Fighter and Crew failed to spawn.


    * Fixed various issues that caused players to be unable to complete the “Let’s Build a Robot Army,” “Science and Violence,” “Home Sweet Home,” and “Lost Legion Invasion” missions.

  • screenshoots

  • Title: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Update v1.0.2






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    2. Copy the upgrade patch Update folder to the game directory 
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    4, run the game 
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Borderlands The Pre Sequel Update v1.0.2 [DLC] [PC] TORRENT

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