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The Last Of Us (PS3) Torrent Download

The Last Of Us (PS3) Torrent Download

  • aksiyon


    The Last Of Us

    Joel, a ruthless survivor with few moral lines left to cross, lives in one of the last remaining Quarantine Zones. These walled-off, oppressive cities are run by what’s left of the military. Despite the strict martial law, Joel operates in the black market of the city, smuggling contraband for the right price.

    Joel is asked by a dying friend to look after Ellie, a fourteen-year-old girl with courage beyond her years. What starts out as a simple job to deliver Ellie to another Quarantine Zone, soon transforms into a profound journey that will forever change Joel and Ellie.

    As they trek across a post-pandemic United States, Joel and Ellie will encounter different factions of survivors that have each found a unique way of dealing with the infected humans, the lack of supplies, and the threat of other survivors.

    As Joel and Ellie struggle to persevere, they must learn to trust each other and work together in order to survive the realities of this new world.

    At its core, The Last of Us is about the bond that forms between Joel and Ellie – it is the story of love, loyalty, and redemption.

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  • The Last Of Us Game Play
  • Year: 2013 Genre: Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Adventure Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: SCE Code disc: BCES01584 Detected platform: PlayStation 3 Alias: TLoU Release date:  Languages: English Italian German French SİZE:33GB







    Run the unlocker .pkg and get this:


The Last Of Us (PS3) Torrent Download

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  • Ibraheem Qureshi

    Hello Sir Can u tell me how to play ps3 game in Ps3 ??

    • hello, you need game files copy flash disk
      or connect your computer to your PS3
      , watch

      • Ibraheem Qureshi

        Thank u sir And i just only want to know that is ps3 need to jailbreak?

        • tools required for installation:

          1.A portable [NTFS] HDD.

          2.A brain .


          How To Install :

          1. Copy The File ( _BCES01584-[The Last of Us] ) to any portable [NTFS] HDD .

          2. Plug the HDDinto PS3 and Launch Multiman

          3. Under Multiman navigate to PFS Driver then press x

          4. After the portable HDD reboots .. Press x on File Manager /mmOS.

          5. Go To this Location : PS3 Root gt; pvd_usb001.

          6. Locate Copy the game folder (_BCES01584-[The Last of Us]).

          7. Paste the copied folder to this Location : PS3 Root gt; dev_hdd0 gt; Games .

          8. Launch the game and Enjoy.

          • Ibraheem Qureshi

            thank u sir

  • Mahi Anu

    Hello Sir
    i tried to download torrent
    but the page is not loading


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