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  • aksiyon


    It has become too easy to forget what BioShock is, and too tempting to discuss it purely in terms of the more high-minded ideas behind its narrative, not the practicalities of what happens when we press buttons on the gamepad. It is a game in which you will spend much of your time messily ramming a drill-arm into the face of a screaming, swearing mutant in a party dress. While it’s lovely that the voiceovers have a literate backdrop, this is not a game in which you will actively engage in consideration of utilitarianism and objectivism. It’s a first-person shooter, first and foremost.

    BioShock 2 does this very well – significantly better than the first game did. Its fights were always a little stilted and small, while by comparison BS2 is chaotic and huge. Most obviously, more enemies attack at once, for longer, and there are more types of them, but why the combat feels so much better and beefier is more complicated than that. It’s a much more tactically interesting game, rarely penning you into corridors from whose ends murderous Splicers charge. Instead, your progress through a level tends to involve inhabiting a sprawling zone filled with choke-points and wide-open arenas, in which enemies constantly and invisibly respawn, for a good half hour or hour. BioShock 1 was about plodding forward motion, but this is about turning large spaces into sustained battlegrounds. Fortunately, it gives you the toolbox you need to deal with it.

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  • sistem

    Minimum System Requirements
    Operating System:  Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
    Processor:AMD Athlon 64 (3800+ 2.4GHz)
     Intel Pentium 4 (530 3.0 GHz)
    RAM:2 GB
    Video Card:NVIDIA 7800GT with 256 MB RAM or better
     ATI Radeon X1900 with 256 MB RAM or better
    Hard Disc Space:    11 GB
    Sound Card:100% DirectX 9.0c compliant card







    You have Crash Problem ? Then Download Patch V1.001



    Fixed accepting a game invite on the Multiplayer Menu via Friend Invite causing a crash.
    Fixed a black screen that would occur minimizing and restoring the game in Windows 7.
    Fixed the ability to adopt or harvest Little Sisters after rebinding the ‘F’ or ‘B’ keys to Zoom, Fire or Fire Plasmid.
    Fixed Big Daddy HUD elements remaining on screen when not appropriate.
    Fixed an issue where the player’s plasmid hand would become unresponsive if they pressed the Next Plasmid key immediately after firing any chargeable plasmid (such as ElectroBolt 2).
    Fixed a potential save file issue.
    Fixed an issue where the resolution would change on its own if entering gameplay in a 16:10 resolution on a native 16:10 monitor.
    Fixed a problem where if you were running the game in a resolution higher than your desktop resolution the mouse cursor wouldn’t be able to go across the whole screen.
    Fixed an issue in Windows 7 where certain Radio messages could become scrambled or broken after defeating a Big Sister if Voice audio had been turned down or muted previously.
    Fixed a crash while playing Dionysus Park on a 32-bit machine.
    Fixed a crash that would occur sometimes loading a previous manual save made before any present QuickSave.
    Fixed a crash while signing in to GFWL when running compatibility mode for XP SP2 while running Vista.
    Fixed an issue where you couldn’t play audio diaries in certain areas.
    Fixed a rare crash that could occur any time before a specific Big Sister sequence.



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  • Perry

    The game crashed every 10 minutes of gameplay…

    And how am I supposed to save the game?

    • freetorrent

      hi perry , try update the graphics card driver.
      You need an GFWL Live online or offline account to save,If you didnt make one. You have to start over.

  • Temp Name

    It keeps telling me that i have the wrong disc.. and i spent like 6 hours installing this ._.

    • freetorrent

      hi there,
      you use Daemon Tools last version ,

      6 hours so much 🙁 normal install time 10-20minute.

  • NoOne

    Hi, can u please tell me how do i put the code of Bioshock 2 GFWL? Its requesting me to put one, but i dont have it, please help me.

    • freetorrent

      hi sorry for delay
      pls send image (error)

    • freetorrent

      You can do copy paste crack files (game directory) ?

  • freetorrent

    Right click game icon and open game directory, Copy/paste Crack files

  • Me

    I have a problem: I can play it, but I can’t save, because I need the serial number of the game for complete the registration on windows Live… and if i don’t do this I can’t save the game…

    • hi , copied crack files to game directory ?
      also try update (patch v1.01)
      Run as administrator the game .

      • Me

        I have update the game with the patch, so I copied crack file to game directory, bu the problem is always the same! At the very beginnig, when I press “New Game”, Windows Live ask me to enter an account. I enter with my live account, then it ask me the product key, and if I abort everything, it say me that I won’t be able to save. And infact, a can play, but I can’t save…

        • you need login with offline mode .

          You CAN play AND save the game without all that GFWL crap. All you do is when you get the GFWL menu press CREATE ACCOUNT but then do NOT press continue. Scroll down and you will see create an offline account. Give it a name and let it sign you in. Now you can play the game and save using this offline account. The only thing you cant do is play online multiplayer or have all your in-game achievements recorded to compare with others.

        • check this video for offline profile


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